The power of scale in landscape photography

Standing on a rock in Hljóðaklettar when the sun is going down. The distance is long, taken with 70-200 @ 98 mm.

I am no fan of selfies but selfies in landscape photography offer scale. They show the size of the landscape with something in comparison. Instagram is probably the center for the selfie-makers and the platform has given selfies a new dimension.

Jumped on a rock about to disappear in a shadow in Hljódaklettar. Taken on a 70-200 lens @ 85 mm.

For landscape photography I find selfies more appropriate when the person can´t be recognized. It also suits introverts not to be on the wrong side of a camera. Humans in a landscape photo offer scale and give the viewer a better feeling for the location and it´s size. I find it important that the one posing in the photo is unknown and with no apparent logos to make it more likely that companies can use them.

Taken on a 20 mm lens. Bracket of two photos.

My absence from the social media in the past months has nothing to do with being inactive traveling and photographing – to the contrary. I have been traveling with Gyda for many weeks and somehow Facebook and Instagram have been forgotten. This blog is a reminder that we are still active.

Boots are needed to wade to the rock, depending on the tide and it can be slippery. Taken on a 14-24 lens @ 14 mm.

At the moment Gyda is in Grimsey island photographing puffins and the islands magnificent scenery. I have been traveling with our dog Kútur and good friends photographing in the north.

Crazy colored pond in Þeistareykir. I wonder where the red color is from.

Since I have not been posting anything edible to Instagram or Facebook I include some typical social media photos of me in the landcape. To take them I use the Hahnel Captur Module Pro remote control which is great for long distances and is very reliable.