Arctic tern having a good time


I don´t have a GPS attatched to my Nikon D3 camera. Sometimes I find it not vise to publish the location of some of my favorite photo locations so I don´t really miss it. It is though really remarkable that it is possible to show a map in a blog like this with great accuracy. The photo of the arctic tern was taken in Grimsey, Iceland. Some of my very few readers probably have no idea where that is. By adding the following map I can show you.

There are not many ponds in Grimsey, but in the middle of the island there is a small one with freshwater where the arctic tern was photographed with my Nikon 500 mm f4 VRII lens. Not on a video head tripod, but a beanbag, lying in soft mud. The mirror on the pond was there only for few moments and the sun made the sunflowers reflect their color to the water. I had a great time photographing this beautiful morning.