Abstract Lava Photography

For the first three trips to the erupting volcano, we did not bring a drone. We prioritized our cameras over the drone since that´s where our bread and butter comes from – and it’s heavy. On trips 4 and 5 which this video is about, we brought the drone. It is interesting to see what the drone adds to the variety of images we already shot.

One of the reasons we did not bring a drone on the first trips is because there is a limit to how much one can carry of gear when hiking to the volcano eruption.

It is tempting to frame the lava as abstract.

Some of the shots we got this day were vibrant and the results were much better than we hoped for. We hiked two days in a row with the drone to the eruption. These two days turned out to be productive days of photography for both me and Gyda.
Some of the shots could be interesting as big prints. Abstract images can remove the sense of time and a particular moment, making them candidates for walls.

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