The Perfect Shot

For the past two weeks we have been busy setting up a online store at and preparing few works for a exhibition in Gallery Fold in Reykjavík.

Opening a store on the web is a lot of work but it was necessary so we could make our book: Photographing Iceland available outside of Iceland. Now it´s possible to send the book worldwide at a reasonable shipping cost.

Behind the shot

The year is 2011. This moment will never be forgotten. We were on day three in a camouflage tent and so far not much had happened. The tent is small, only 142 cm where it is highest at the top and at the moment this happened we had been sitting in the tent for 11 hours. We sat on tiny camping stool.

The pain in my back and buttocks meant that I had to try to straighten myself as much as possible in this little tent. Gyda was on duty. The silence was absolute. A meadow pipit sang in the distance and sounded like in a concert hall.

Suddenly Gyda whispers – “He is coming!”

In a split second I manage to sit on down and at the same time see through the camera viewfinder where the eagle is rushing in to land, follow it and focus. It all took less than three seconds, but in memory it seems like an eternity.

This was the first and only frame I got before he landed.

When I looked at the picture on the back of the camera, all sorts of emotions arose. I had never seen such a picture … and the duckling! The difference in size could not be greater.

After a 16-hour session, we opened the tent and straightened our backs. We were satisfied.