The Crazy Colors of Winter Photography in North-Iceland

This video was shot 8th of December 2020. There was no way to know what to expect when Einar went out with Nikon D850 and few landscape lenses. Even the 500 mm lens came along in case there would be seals or interesting birds to photograph. This video is more about going out there, just enjoying the vivid colors of winter and simply photographing what you find.


Our main wildlife and landscape camera: Nikon D850 – and long list of lenses.

For video: Nikon Z6 with Z 24-70 f4.

For wireless audio in the field: Saramonic UwMic9 Kit8

Shotgun mic on the cameras: Shure Lenshopper VP83

Shotgun mic for wildlife in the field: Sennheiser ME 66/K6

Shotgun Microphone Kit Music: Epidemic Sound

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