Photographing the volcano eruption

We have now made two trips to the volcano eruption. In this video we focus on photographing the volcanic eruption in Iceland during the blue hour and after dark. We share tips and tricks for photographers and show how the images are taken. Welcome to share.

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A Volcanic eruption presses all the right buttons for us as photographers. When the eruption began in Geldingadalur walley we were prepared and the response we got from our first video on the first day of the eruption has been amazing.

Our first video, taken on the first day of the volcano eruption is by far our most popular video – might even be called a viral video – and for that we are very thankful.

We made plans to go as soon as possible to the eruption site since we know it can be a big financial matter for us as photographers to be able to provide our clients photos – and videos from the eruption.

In this video we go back to the eruption site and this time we are going to aim for the blue hour and nightshots. Those of you who are photography oriented might gain something from this video. Photographing a volcanic eruption in darkness requires consideration since the contrast in light is extreme.

Photographing glowing lava in total darkness can be tricky.

As you will see later in the video we use filters and long exposure to properly expose the lava. 6 stop and 10 stop ND filters are really helpful in these special conditions. A method very familiar to most photographers.

Just like before it´s important to pack only the most neccessary lenses and equipment… and consider packing as light as possible.

…and I really wanted to bring a proper sound recording equipment so I could record the spectacular sound of the volcano without wind noise and constant helicopter sounds.

In our last video it was impossible to get clear sound since there were always helicopters or airplaines flying over the volcano.

When we arrived there were hundreds of cars parked on the road where the walking path begins. Thousands of people were heading for the eruption. Icelanders are really interested in volcanic eruptions.

Seeing the eruption again was amazing. In one week a mountain was born. Everywhere there were people experiencing the eruption – havin a great time.

Since now we got much better sound recording from the volcano I am going to let the photos tell the story… and if you turn up the volume in the video you can hear the thunders from the eruption.

The blue hour just before darkness falls in is really interesting. The contrast between the lava and the environment is extreme, but you can keep some of the details in the surrounding hills and mountains.

Again I will let the photos tell the story, but as you will see we are using up to 30 seconds in exposure – sometimes with interesting results.