Be prepared when the northern lights start dancing

We just published our first eBook. We have received many inquiries about how to take photos of the northern lights and this eBook is our attempt to address all the questions about this somewhat difficult photography.

When the Northern lights finally appear after a long wait, you don´t want to start thinking about camera settings, or the mechanics of taking a decent photograph. It is easy to lose your mental composure when the lights start dancing. This eBook is for you if you dream about capturing the Northern lights when you are in Iceland and you want to be prepared when the moment comes.

The technique and the camera settings apply of course to any location, but here we explain in a simple way how we approach the scene, how to capture a professional-looking photo and dive into issues specific to Iceland.

This eBook is based on a chapter in our book Photographing Iceland – A Photo Guide to 100 locations. We get many questions regarding the Northern lights and this is an attempt to dive into the things you need to know to increase your chance of success in capturing this amazing phenomenon.

  • Be ready for the northern lights on your Iceland trip.
  • Read on your phone, tablet, or computer. Take it with you on the road.
  • A reflowable format eBook (ePUB file)
  • Detailed tips and Camera settings with examples.
  • 5000 words
The eBook is reflowable – meaning it will fit on any screen size and most devices allow the reader to select font size and color template.

Download the eBook for your phone, tablet, or computer – it is a reflowable ebook and you can view the book on your favorite ebook reader.

We put a lot of work into this and we ask you not to share the eBook with other people. You are free to use it on your own devices, but please respect our copyright.

The book is available in our online store –

Price is $14 (1,800 ISKR)