Photographing in north Iceland in January

Hverarond near Namafjall. All the images are taken on Nikon D850.

It has been cold for the past few weeks. More or less minus 5 to 20 celsius. The day is short which means going somewhere to photograph is a hit and run project. After two or three hours the light is gone.

We went to Myvatn in white conditions. Everything was white and we had not much hope for a colorful sunset. In Hverarond near Namaskard mountain the colors did show up. The beautiful thing is that when the sun is setting in the north in January the light is only visible in a fraction of the sky.

A tourist grabs the phone to shoot the sunset behind Namafjall mountain.
Hverarond and Namafjall.
Godafoss waterfall is really frozen these days.
Einar at Godafoss waterfall.
While we were shooting at Godafoss a tourist slipped down the hill above the east waterfall. We noticed him when he was stumbling up the bank. He was lucky. If he would have fallen into the waterfall he would be frozen in minutes.
The blue color of the lagoon at Bjarnarflag near Myvatn makes a fantastic contrast against the white world of snow. This is a really Blue lagoon.
Sulur mountain above Akureyri. The mild colors of the sun reflect on the ice.
Our home town Akureyri. The sea has been frozen for a long time.
Shooting human construction is not the typical subject of our photography, but when the ice and the light put on a scene it is.

We had a good time shooting the winter world in the north for the past two days. The results can be seen in the “New photos” galleries at and