Northern lights and seascapes in Grimsey in February

Late February we went to Grimsey island. The plan was to go there and shoot some winter scenes. The trip proved to be amazing. We did get northern lights, amazing sunrises and had a great time photographing. Going to Grimsey in February is not a typical choice for photographers since the birdlife really comes to life late April. Still we were surprised to see that the seabirds already were in the cliffs.

After the trip we created a video of the trip. Mostly shot on a GroPro Hero 5 Session – incredibly small but capable camera – and of course our Nikon D850.

The video is made for us. Hopefully other photographers will learn something about Grimsey, but since we are beginning shooting behind the scenes video it probably looks amateurish to those used to fancy vlog videos and professional YouTube channels.

Getting better means learning by doing. That´s what we are doing in our videos in our YouTube Channel Gudmann & Gyda.