If ice is all you see, ice is all you get.

On Ice… still alife

It´s winter time and it´s Iceland. Actually quite peaceful winter, since we have had quite few snowstorms so far. For us birders and wildlife-wannabe-photographers there isn´t much to photograph since most of the birds are in warmer countries at the moment and we only have two hours of daylight.

What do you photograph when ice is everywhere? Well, – ice!

Surprisingl the worms and some of the insects are alive in the ice. It must be freezing, but for some reason they live. I took few handheld shots today with Nikon D3 and Nikkor 105 mm VR lens. Most of the shots are taken in manual focus. Looking down to my feet I see a lot of photo opportunities and hopefully I will have a chance to photograph something during the winter months here in Iceland.