Photographing Arctic Fox Family Drama

We put a lot of effort into our wildlife photography. Sometimes, it is hard to see whether we are into photography because of the photos or the experiences we witness. This time, we find four cute cubs and a male. The female is missing. Later, the destiny of this small family takes a dramatic and surprising turn.

Bird photography from a kayak

In photography, we strive to get new perspectives - see our subject in a new and different way.  To do so, photographers use all kinds of gear and methods - and buy new lenses. It was a revolution when drones became a standard photography tool for landscape photography. Suddenly, we could look down from the sky and fly into the world like birds. The floating hides were also a revolution for bird photography. In both cases, we got a...

The longest day in Grimsey

The colors of the Summer Solstice on the small island of Grimsey can be mesmerizing. Summer solstices in Grímsey are a special time. This is when we have the longest day, and the sun paints the landscape with vibrant colors. That is - if it's not cloudy. The following photos are all taken on June 24, 2023. When nature offers such conditions, staying awake and searching for motives is tempting. The yellow moss creates a contrast against the gray...

Surprising Photography in Greenland

10-Day Photography Expedition 10 days of photographing landscapes and wildlife in Greenland. Possibly polar bears, muskoxes, the red mountains, gigantic icebergs.  Our friend Daniel Bergmann was on the phone offering us to join an upcoming tour with a small expedition ship to Scoresby Sound in East Greenland.  Saying no was not an option. In this video, we cover our 10-day expedition aboard Polar Pioneer. We sailed from our hometown, Akureyri, and had an amazing trip to Greenland.

3 days of gyrfalcon photography

We were surprised when we found a gyrfalcon nest when we were photographing the landscape. The hike turned into three days of bird photography.In the nest were four chicks and the adults were busy feeding them.This is one of the first times we used our new Nikon Z7ii cameras with the Nikon Z 400 mm f4.5 lenses. We also used the 1.4 and 2.0 teleconverters. The male lands in the nest with an eider duck chick.

Einar and Gyda are landscape and wildlife photographers living in Iceland. They are the authors of three books about Iceland.

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Amazing footage of the volcanic eruption

Photographing the 2023 eruption at Litli-Hrutur in Iceland Photographing and visiting the new eruption in Iceland was a fantastic experience. We embarked on a...

Exploring mirrorless lenses and cameras for bird photography

Changing from our trusty Nikon DSLR cameras to the mirrorless Nikon Z7ii for bird photography has been challenging. Changing lenses is also a challenge....

Small house, Big dreams: Building Our Garden Art & Photography Studio

Building and setting up a small, some would say tiny art (photography) studio in our garden is one of our better ideas. In this...

Winter in puffin paradise

The unseen side of Grimsey Gyda went to Grimsey at the beginning of April. Grimsey is a well-known bird paradise for bird photographers during the...

Photographing Iceland – Making plans for 2023

In this latest installment from our photography channel, Photographing Iceland, we have some news and updates to share with our viewers. As we head...

Arctic Fox Photography – The hunting problem

In this video, we share our experience of photographing Arctic foxes. When we started photographing them, it was a big challenge for us. We...