Grímsey – The Arctic Wildlife Wonder

This book was years in the making and is our attempt to show Grímsey – this little-known gem to the world. The island of Grímsey has a special place in our hearts. Located at the arctic circle it is teeming with birdlife and has been a source of amazing adventures for us through the years. Gyða grew up in Grímsey and most of her family lives there. This book is therefore in a way made in Grímsey.

If you plan to visit Grímsey this is the book for you. Showing what it has to offer in a book is no easy task, but we sure did our best to take the reader on a visual and informative journey.

We also hope visitors to this remote island will find the book worthy to bring home as a reminder of their visit.


Authors: Einar Guðmann, Gyða Henningsdóttir

Grímsey: The Arctic Wildlife Wonder is a visual exploration of one of the most beautiful and little-known islands in the world. The home of millions of birds and only 57 people.

Detailed information about the wildlife and nature in Grimsey gives the reader an insight into the diversity of the island’s nature. Grímsey is an island in North Iceland at the Arctic Circle and is considered to be a dreamland for birdwatching and bird photography.

Photographers Einar Guðmann and Gyða Henningsdóttir bring this natural wonder close to the reader with stunning photography.

120 pages / 7000 words

24 x 17 cm (9,5 x 6,7 inches)

A short video we made about the book.