Small house, Big dreams: Building Our Garden Art & Photography Studio

Building and setting up a small, some would say tiny art (photography) studio in our garden is one of our better ideas. In this short video, we will show you how we did it. This tiny house, or art studio as we might call it, has changed how we work. Sometimes we need to work on framing photos, prep...

Winter in puffin paradise

The unseen side of Grimsey Gyda went to Grimsey at the beginning of April. Grimsey is a well-known bird paradise for bird photographers during the summer months. As winter sets in, Grimsey transforms into a frosty wonderland, offering an entirely different perspective of its birdlife. The video ...

Photographing Iceland – Making plans for 2023

In this latest installment from our photography channel, Photographing Iceland, we have some news and updates to share with our viewers. As we head into 2023, we are planning a few trips and will be sharing our experiences with you as we explore some of the most stunning locations in Iceland. Th...

Arctic Fox Photography – The hunting problem

In this video, we share our experience of photographing Arctic foxes. When we started photographing them, it was a big challenge for us. We pursued this activity like a secret and emphasized capturing images that show certain behaviors. Photographing foxes is particularly sensitive. We have to be c...

Arctic Fox Encounters

Our first episode of Arctic Fox Encounters takes you on an unforgettable journey through our experiences photographing the elusive Arctic foxes. We've spent years dedicated to capturing the beauty and mystery of these creatures and in this video, we're excited to share our adventures from 2014 and ...

Einar and Gyda are landscape and wildlife photographers living in Iceland. They are the authors of three books about Iceland.

Finally – our e-Book version of Photographing Iceland – A Photo Guide to 100 locations is available.

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Photographing Iceland is the perfect travel companion for anyone visiting Iceland with a camera. The book is available in our online store ( with worldwide shipping – and in all major bookstores in Iceland. Check out our video about the book.

Iceland: Wild at heart is a best-seller. It is available in all bookstores in Iceland and our online store.

Grimsey: The Arctic Wildlife Wonder is our latest book about the wildlife and nature of Grimsey. It is only available in our online store and in the Gallery in Grimsey.

The photographers map of IcelandWe created this map of Iceland based on our book Photographing Iceland – very useful for photographers. Use the map on your phone and read the book for information, pro photography tips and time saving information.

Arctic Fox Encounters

Our first episode of Arctic Fox Encounters takes you on an unforgettable journey through our experiences photographing the elusive Arctic foxes. We'v...

Using Wildlife Photography as a Stress Terminator

Are you ready for a wild adventure? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but this video is all about a super lazy day of bird photography. We're talking ul...

Photographing Earth’s art – and having fun doing so

Finding abstract forms and arty subjects in nature is a challenge. In this video, we are taking photos in the geothermal area Þeistareykir. We share ...

Two great days of working the scene at the Skútafoss waterfall

Around the middle of July last year, we spent two days photographing the Skútafoss waterfall in East Iceland. We had a great time working the scene a...

Landscape and wildlife photography at the Glacier Lagoon

This time we are photographing landscapes and wildlife at the Glacier Lagoon (Jökulsárlón) in Iceland. Every year, we try to spend a few days there p...

The amazing sounds of the bird cliffs in Grimsey

Our audio recording problems and solutions Recording audio for wildlife videos is not as simple as it sounds. Audio is very important for nature a...

Short video about our bestseller book Iceland - wild at heart.

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