Floating-hide photography

Using our floating hide is a step forward in our bird photography. Of course the easy version of low-angle photography is simply laying down as close to the water as possible, but birds recognize the human form and stay further away. In the floating hide they come closer and are obviously more relaxed since they are not used to any danger in the water.

We have photographed many birds from the hide and all of them seem to be more relaxed. Even the geese and the black-headed gulls – at least after we used our own camo-net to cover the windows on the floating-hide.

It is also magnificent to be able to be this close to the birds without disturbing them.

It is a bit of a hassle to use and transport the hide, but it is worth it. Using it is pure fun and adds a new dimension to our bird photography. Sitting or standing in cold water for long periods calls for thick waders and warm clothes. About a month ago I was sitting in cold water with minus 3 celsius outside and despite 5 mm thick neoprene waders the cold was unbearable after 50 minutes. Now when it´s end of June, cold is not an issue.

This is our Behind the lens video no 6 which is like the other videos more or less taken on our iPhones. Hopefully someone might like to get a glimpse behind the scenes in our photography.

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