Fading winter

Taken in Northeast-Iceland

Getting out of bird-mode

Yesterday we took a short trip to Mývatnssveit where we intended to switch to landscape mode. Most of the time I am in bird-mode and drag along 500 mm plus lens and other heavy equipment. For simple minded persons like me it is a matter of mindset which mode will be emphasized in photo-trips. This time it was time for landscape mode and it became obvious from the first steps with the tripod and camera on the shoulder that it is a much lighter mode than bird-mode. A 24-70 lens is weightless. Anyway, we took the first stop at Godafoss waterfall which is only 25 minutes drive from our hometown of Akureyri. Second stop was at Hverfjall in Mývatnssveit. Most of the time I was using a 10 stop ND filter with a 18-35 Nikon lens or a 24-70 Nikon lens. Those can´t be compared and it is obvious that the 18-35 will have to be replaced by a 16-35. Optically they can´t be compared. You get a lot for the money in 18-35, but you don´t get the optics needed for serious landscape photography. Distortion is too great in the 18-35 – but fine for complex images where it is not so obvious. A 16-35 will be ordered before the end of summer.