Coming home after weeks traveling it was nice to see our book Iceland – Wild at heart on all the major best-seller lists of books in Iceland. Since it came out it has been on the best seller list of Penninn-Eymundsson bookstores, which is the biggest bookstore in Iceland. Often in the top placings, competing with the Sagas Of The Icelanders and Independent People by Halldór Laxness.

Now the The Association of Book Publishers in Iceland has published a list of the bestselling books in Iceland for July. Iceland – Wild at heart is there no 8.

We are extremely proud of this, since this is a best-seller list of all books published in all categories.

We really put our hearts into this book and hopefully it is obvious. The book is the outcome of 10 years of photography and we are very thankful for it´s reception.

It is only published in Iceland, so far, and it is available in bookstores in Iceland.

It comes in two sizes. Big and small. Surprisingly it is the bigger version that is the best seller. As photographers we like that. We like to see the big picture.