Video vs photography mindset

The transition from photography to video has been a slow one since I started using a video capable DSLR. It´s probably rather a question of mindset than available equipment, because our mind is probably the dominating factor when we take photos and videos. I have always found it difficult to switch from photographing landscape to photographing birds and wildlife. When searching for birds you don´t notice the landscape and vice versa. Searching for landscape opportunities means going to different places, looking at mountains and scenes, not searching for birds in strange places. Changing from photography to videography has a similar effect on me. It takes a moment to turn on the video mindset after a photography session.

For the past year I have been trying to remind me to take video when photographing. Some of the scenes have gone by without remembering to switch to video but I just edited a short video with few clips I have taken in the past year. Most of the shots are video, not timelapses.

I use Premiere Pro for editing. There is a lot to learn when editing and this is really a new world to learn, but a wonderful one. I promise to myself to take more videos next year.