Lee SW-150 II filter system at the waterfall of the gods

Lee SW-150 II filter holder

I have been waiting for the new Lee SW-150 II filter system holder for a long time. It is a filter system made for the Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 lens. Yesterday a package from Beco.is arrived by mail. In the package were two filters, the Little stopper which is a 6 stop ND filter and the Big stopper which is a 10 stop filter. Two years ago I created my own custom filter holder to use with 10 stop HiTech ND filters and even though this custom system has enabled me to use filters with the Nikon 14-24 lens for the past two years I always had two problems more or less all the time; light leak problems in long exposures and random color quality.


Wanting to try the new filters I knew going to Godafoss, waterfall of the gods in North-Iceland would be a good location. I live in Akureyri, only 30 minutes drive from Godafoss waterfall.

The new holder is identical to the original one except it is black and red, not only black. The back of the holder to stop light leakage is made of tough rubber. Great quality as to be expected from Lee. The two new filters really made my day. Handling them screams quality. The first photo also told me that this is the color quality I was expecting from the Lee filters. I have been using both soft-grad and hard-grad filters from Lee for two years. They have been a pleasure to use but they have to be carefully handled to avoid scratches. The glass in the new 6 and 10 stop filters seems to be good for clumsy photographers like me. Not easy to scratch.

Lee SW-150 II syste for the 14-24 nikon lens.
My old filter holder and the new system. I changed the old holder with timber and silicon to stop light leakage. The new system is much better.

Having these new Lee filters ready for summer means I can keep only two lenses in my bag most of the time. The Nikon 14-24/f2.8 and the Nikon 70-200/f2.8 VRII. With a Lee SW-150 II system adaptor it will be possible to use the filters also with the 70-200 lens. I have been using the 100 mm Lee filter system also, but I like to keep things simple. One system for all.