Arctic Fox Photography – The hunting problem

In this video, we share our experience of photographing Arctic foxes. When we started photographing them, it was a big challenge for us. We pursued this activity like a secret and emphasized capturing images that show certain behaviors. Photographing foxes is particularly sensitive. We have to be careful not to disturb them – and hunters can be a problem.

We discuss the issue of Arctic fox hunting in Iceland, where it is not protected and the government sponsors hunting.

Today, there are signs that travel companies and tour operators view Arctic foxes as a resource. We are not concerned about the danger to foxes from photographers, as they quickly understand when they are in danger from humans and when they are not. However, there are concerns about whether Icelandic society is prepared for this development and whether those who sell these trips are aware of the interests of hunters in foxes.

In the end, we hope that our video sheds light on the beauty and fragility of Arctic foxes and raises awareness of the importance of their conservation.

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