Gyrfalcon hunting a greylag goose

The gyrfalcon did not mind having me there. Distance was enough. 1/320 sec at f/8.0, iso 2000, 850 mm on a 500 mm f/4 Nikon lens.

Driving home after a funeral of a relative. Location is near Hrafnagil in Eyjafjörður. The middle of the bridge over Eyjafjarðará-river to be exact. From the corner of my eye I spot something familiar. A gyrfalcon is sitting on the edge of a sandbank in the middle of the river eating a graylag goose.

I stop the car in the middle of the bridge.

No traffic. No camera in the car.

The gyrfalcon looks at me and Gyda. He had been sitting there for a while judging from how much it had eaten of the goose.

This is a opportunity not to be missed. We drove home just under the speed limits knowing that gyrfalcons are often only few minutes finishing eating ducks and ptarmigans. A large goose might take longer.

About 25 minutes later I am back with the camera. The gyrfalcon was still there.