Going wild in Iceland with the N-Photo magazine

Nphoto - go wild in Iceland - Einar Gudmann



The latest issue of the N-photo magazine features a 12 page article called “Go wild in Iceland”. This is the second apprentice article where I am a contributor. The experienced Sigurjón Einarsson went with me on a search for birds and wildlife in the Snæfellsnes peninsula. I am in the role of a pro photographer trying to mediate some knowledge about photography. The middle of the winter is not exactly the best time of the year to find birds and wildlife since most of these feathery friends are gone south, but still we managed to find some subjects. The article is full of tips and tricks for wildlife photography. In each issue of N-photo magazine a pro teaches a apprentice skills in a certain area of photography, often very educational features. Jason Parnell-Brookes staff writer at N-Photo magazine took all the behind-the-scenes photos and wrote the article and we spent the day photographing having fun. Sigurjon Einarsson who is experienced in bird photography took on the task to find some subjects which he did without problems thanks to his knowledge and expertise of the subjects.

Einar Gudmann - go wild in Iceland.As most if not all my friends know I am a dedicated Nikon user and the fact that N-photo is a Nikon independent magazine makes me smile. The magazine focuses on tips and tricks for beginners and pro´s and I am very pleased to be on the pro end of this 12 page apprentice cover feature.

You can see a sampler here and if you are interested in buying it you can buy the N-Photo magazine here, it is full of educational stuff regarding photography.