Floating hide bird photography

Using our floating hides for bird photography is becoming our favorite method for birds. We are using two hides from from floating-hide.com that have proven to be exactly what we need. This blog is not sponsored so this is simply my opinion after three years of using the floating hides.

You need waders to use the floating-hides. I would recommend using neoprene waders. Preferably the 5 mm thick ones if the water is cold. I have many breathable waders since I am into flyfishing also, but they are not working for the conditions in Iceland. It´s way to cold to wait in the water for a long time. Even in neoprene waders it´s difficult to stay for more than one hour in the water if you are sitting still. Often I find it best for the results to find a good spot at the bank and wait there for birds to get close. If I am constantly on the move the cold takes longer to sink in.

The video shows how we use the floating-hides. Make sure you use a floating vest for safety. There are handles on the floating hide to hold on to if you don´t reach the bottom. They are a must for stability and necessary to be able to swim if in open water. In no way I recommend to try to swim in open water. It is possible to swim like a dog by using the legs, but it´s not effective. This is not a boat. If there is wind it´s very difficult to control the floating-hide. That´s why it is never a good idea to go into deep water and never use it in the sea.

Taking photos without having the stability of standing with the feet at the bottom is more or less hopeless.I have tried, it´s possible, but most of the time I got water in my waders.

The video is the fifth video we make about our photography. We are more or less traveling for photography over the brightest months in Iceland and could make one video a week, but then we would not do much photographing.

Hopefully we can make more videos, it´s fun, but make sure you subscribe if you don´t want to miss out.