Dettifoss in danger due to possible eruption

Dettifoss in sunset.

For the past few days there have been speculations in the icelandic media about possible volcanic eruption in Bardarbunga volcano which is in the Vatnajokull glacier. There are indications that Bardarbunga is possibly going to erupt in the northern part of Vatnajokull glacier. If that happens many spectacular gems of nature are in danger due to floods. Dettifoss waterfall is one of them. It is possible that a flood could change this great waterfall. I was there few days ago photographing the sunset. It is hard to imagine the forces able to change this gigantic waterfall but this is nature.

Dettifoss waterfall (Einar Gudmann)

Dettifoss is a must see location for photographers. Do not forget to look beyond the lens and feel the power of this great waterfall. The earth trembles and you feel how small you are against nature.

There are plans to destroy the surroundings of the waterfall by building handrails, footpaths and a big viewing platform. Doing so would be the end of the unspoiled experience of nature. So – hurry up to see Dettifoss. If humans are not going to destroy it with ugly platforms, the Bardarbunga volcano will possibly change it.