Winter conditions for photography in Iceland

Combination of two photos taken with exactly two days and two minute time difference at 19:05 and 19:07. The conditions change all the time.

A good friend of mine told me that pro-photographers only travel to Iceland during the winter. According to the number of photographers we met for the past few days in the Snæfellsnes peninsula there may be some truth in this statement. Many photographers are traveling all around Iceland more or less all year, but when I count 27 tripods at the Kirkjufell mountain at noon enough is enough. I don´t know if all of them were pro´s but they seemed no less happy than the one´s we meet in the summer months. They are here to find snow as a subject. As a local I am very happy to have almost no snow for one winter, but I am not sure other photographer agree with me.

They grey light is almost black and white. This is not a black and white photo. Simply the monotone of the landscape often seen in the wintertime.

The black and white tones rule. This is not a B&W photo.

Taken 17th of Mars at 19:07. Exactly two days and two days later. They gray light is gone and for few minutes we have golden colors on the Snæfellsjökull glacier and the Lóndrangar peaks.

It´s amazing to see the constantly changing light during the late-winter months. The light is also constantly changing during the summer, but the blending of conditions in march are very obvious.

The dark lava creates contrast in the snow even though snow has been very limited this winter in Iceland.

Near the water below Kirkjufell me and Gyda met two young photographers from Thailand who just graduated from high-school. Nevertheless this was their third time in Iceland. When we told them we were local-Icelanders they looked into our eyes like they were seeing aliens for the first time. They don´t see many Icelanders when traveling in Iceland. It gives me a warm feeling to see so many photographers enjoy and appreciate our nature.

The waves explode in a hole at Arnarstapi. This does not happen often. The mountain disappeared behind the splash when it exploded 10 meters into the air.

We used our mobile Ford Transit this time since the wind-forecast was promising and it´s cheaper when staying for days. In most cases it is not recommended to travel by a mobile car during the winter months. Wind is most dangerous and if the conditions change we are prepared to wait for the weather to get better. The safety factor no 1 is to constantly check the and websites every hour.

Gyda Henningsdottir at Skarðsvík. It´s great to be out of the office.
Skarðsvík in Öndverðarnes. Looking close there is a human at the end of the beach.
Sunrise at Arnarstapi is behind the Gatklettur rock formation which creates a mystic light.
Version one of Kirkjufell mountain. Few minutes later the golden color is gone.

We met many photographers in our travel to the Snaefellsnes peninsula. If you are contemplating to travel in Iceland by car during the winter months I can´t emphasize enough the importance of checking and constantly.