Raudanes in east-Iceland

Raudanes in east-Iceland. (Einar Gudmann)

The path along the shore at Rauðanes which is in east-Iceland is about 8 km back and forth. The parking lot is few hundred meters from the sea, but as soon as you arrive at the shore you see the photogenic rocks. The day we arrived at Rauðanes  the sky was heavy but most of the time no rain. The rocks are amazing and every 100 m there is some photogenic rock to stop photographers. I did some experiments with a Hi-Tech 10 stop ND filter for the Nikon 14-24 lens. To make a long story short the rain made long exposures virtually impossible. However it was possible to get few shots with the filter taken around 1 minute when the rain stopped.

Rauðanes is in east-Iceland.

The sea was calm and it was low-tide. It was great being there and I can´t wait to get a opportunity to go there again in windy weather when the sea will create more movement in the photos. Walking there is relatively easy. One canyon is named Mannskaðagil which might be translated to Dead Mans Canyon. There are though no dangerous paths there and it´s just a easy walk.