Dynjandi – the impossible waterfall

Uncropped photo taken from the parking lot with Nikon D4s and 500 mm lens. No filter. 1/6 sec, f22, iso50.

Dynjandi is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. It is located in the Westfjords. Getting a proper frame of the waterfall is not as easy as it looks. Actually impossible. Impossible without lot´s of fuss and somehow the full frame images of the waterfall don´t give you a idea of how the waterfall really is. The reason is the size of the waterfall. When you arrive at the parking lot below the waterfall you realize how big it is which means that it´s not easy to frame except from the front. From the front it´s nor really a photogenic frame for my taste.

This is stitched from 6 photos. I probably took 50 photos to get 6 proper frames because of the heavy rain and drizzle.

Late this summer we stayed for two days at Dynjandi. It was raining most of the time which did not exactly help, but still I found the 500 mm f4 lens helpful in getting closeup shots of people and the waterfall. With a tripod at the parking lot it´s possible to grasp a feeling of the size of the waterfall. There are many smaller waterfalls on the way down to the sea where the parking lot is. Some of them are very beautiful and no less photogenic than Dynjandi.

The watefalls below Dynjandi are no less beautiful. Some of them have been damaged with ugly tourist platforms but so far it´s still possible to photograph some of them. I suspect that in the near future this view will be spoiled by a rusty viewing platform.
View from Dynjandi down to the sea. Dynjandi waterfall goes to sea in Arnarfjordur. Rainy weather and heavy clouds add to the drama in my opinion. I like this frame since it gives depth and leading line of the river.
You feel small when standing in front of the beautiful Dynjandi waterfall.
In the end of two rainy and rather frustrating days of drizzle and many wet lens-cloths, I found closeups of Dynjandi somehow give me the most satisfying composition of this big waterfall. Tourists in front of the waterfall are great as models. This is also taken from the parking lot with Nikon 500 f4 lens.  If you go there don´t forget to put down your camera, look at it and let the size and purity of this beautiful waterfall soak in. Some locations are best stored in our own memories, not memory cards.