Arctic fox encounter

Arctic Fox, Vulpes lagopus fuliginosus

Now that the summer is fading and the winter months get closer it´s time to have a look at some of the photos taken for the past few months. We had a great time photographing arctic foxes in southwest Iceland in the beginning of July and again in late July. Total we probably spent 7 days searching for and photographing this spectacular animal. I find it quite rewarding to get to know the behavior of arctic foxes since it´s like no other we have here in Iceland. Most Icelanders haven´t seen foxes in natural surroundings even tough the population of the arctic fox is considered to be at the highest numbers for years.

The photos in the Arctic Fox gallery are almost 400 and it would be great to have time to tell the story behind some of them.  Some are based on luck, some planned but it´s hard to describe this magnificent animal and it´s behavior. Most of the photos are taken from some kind of a hide,  some not. In some cases we sneak upon dens, but the best photos are taken when the fox has got used to us in a hide, or under a net downwind. I have a C30 dome hide from Wildlife Watching Supplies which we use a lot. In many  cases the hide is what makes the difference.

Arctic fox gallery